Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
POOL CLOSED-Facilities/Maintenance (Aaron Leniski) Pool
Pool Locker Rooms
PHM Maintenance Dept.
12:00 am
5:00 am
5:30 am
LFC Hours-UNLOCK DOOR H Lifetime Fitness Center
Lifetime Fitness Patrons
6:00 am  
6:30 am
Boys Cross Country Practice Penn H.S. PHS Boys Cross Country
6:45 am
Summer Weight Training - Matt Cates Weight Room Weight Lifting Class
7:00 am
FR Volleyball Practice-Lisa Pawlik West Balcony PHS Freshmen Volleyball
Varsity Volleyball Practice Main Arena
West Balcony
PHS Varsity Volleyball
7:30 am
Chairs Outside Counseling Center Hallway Guidance Office Hallway PHM Students
8:00 am
Admin Meeting-Sean Galiher Staff Dining Penn High Staff
CPI Training-Ashleigh Dodd LGI-A Exceptional Education
Football 2 A Days-Cory Yeoman Cafeteria
Cafeteria - North End
Cafeteria - South End
Cafeteria Hallway - North
Football Practice Field
TCU Freed Field
ROOMS 161/163/165
Room 161
Room 163
Room 165
Room 257
Room 259
Room 260
Room 262
Lifetime Fitness Center
Penn Football
8:30 am  
9:00 am
Penn Marching Band Camp CPA
CPA Dressing Rooms
CPA Lobby
CPA Lobby Restrooms
Choir Room/Room 170
North Parking Lot
Orchestra Room #169
Room 171 Band Room
Studio Theater
Varsity Baseball Field
Penn Band
9:30 am  
10:00 am
Middle School AD/Treasurer Event Link Meeting-Marie Doan Penn H.S. PHS Athletics
10:30 am
2:30 pm
3:00 pm
LFC Hours-UNLOCK DOOR H Lifetime Fitness Center
Lifetime Fitness Patrons
3:30 pm  
4:00 pm
Cheer Practice-Rita Szweda AUX Gym PHS Freshmen Cheer
PHS JV Cheer
PHS Varsity Cheer
4:30 pm
JV Volleyball Practice Main Arena PHS JV VOLLEYBALL
5:00 pm
Band Parents providing quick dinner-Glenn Northern Cafeteria
Cafeteria - North End
Cafeteria - South End
Penn Band
Girls Golf @ Swan Lake GC vs. SB Adams/Glenn The Golf Club at Swan Lake Resort PHS Girls Golf
5:30 pm  
6:00 pm
Boys Soccer practice Penn Practice Soccer Fields PHS JV/V Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer Meeting-Jeff Hart Cafeteria - South End
Cafeteria - North End
PHS JV/V Girls Soccer
Volleyball Parent Meeting-Lisa Pawlik LGI-A Penn Volleyball
6:30 pm
POM Practice-Cindi Minegar Dance Room UP PHS Competition POMS
7:00 pm
11:30 pm