Event Name Locations Participants
All Day  
V Baseball at Sectionals ELKHART MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL PHS Varsity Baseball
12:00 am
4:30 am
5:00 am
---------GOLD DAY---------- Penn H.S. PHM Staff
5:30 am  
5:45 am
Lifetime Fitness Center Open-Morning Hours Lifetime Fitness Center Lifetime Fitness Patrons
6:00 am
6:30 am
7:00 am
Zero Hour Weights-Matt Cates Weight Room PHS Athletics
7:30 am
Testing-Dave Hall LGI-B Testing-Dave Hall
7:40 am
Student Athlete Leadership Council Meeting-Curt Rallo Teachers Lounge (by Guidance/IMC) Student-Athlete Leadership Council
8:00 am  
8:15 am
Girls Empowered/Bates LGI-B Select Female Students
8:30 am
Dance Classic Class Rehearsal/CPA CPA
CPA Dressing Rooms
Penn Dance Classes
9:00 am  
9:30 am
Speech Therapy-Wendy Okowinski Conf. Room C PHS Exceptional Education
10:00 am
2:30 pm
3:00 pm  
3:15 pm
Dance Classic After School Dress Rehearsal CPA
Studio Theater
Dance Room Down
CPA Dressing Rooms
CPA Lobby
CPA Lobby Restrooms
Orchestra Room #169
Staff Dining
Penn Dance Classes
3:17 pm
Lifetime Fitness Center Open-Afternoon Hours Lifetime Fitness Center Lifetime Fitness Patrons
3:30 pm
Amnesty International - Kim Reitz Room 200 Penn High School
Anime Club-Danielle Duvall-Cundiff Room 191 Anime Club
B/G Track & Field Practice-Jon Carroll & Melissa Danner TCU Freed Field
PHS Track
PHS Boys Track
PHS Girls Track
Intramural Volleyball Practice-Lisa Pawlik Main Arena
West Balcony
Penn Intramural Volleyball
PHS Open Mat Wrestling Practice-Brad Harper Wrestling Room PHS Wrestling
PRO Swim Practice- Pool
Pool Locker Rooms
PRO Swim Club
4:00 pm
4:30 pm
5:00 pm
Academic Teams Banquet-Candice Beelaert Cafeteria
Cafeteria - North End
Cafeteria - South End
Penn Academic Team
Boys Golf vs. Elkhart Memorial / Northridge Knollwood Country Club PHS Boys Golf
Boys Rugby Practice-Bart Bottorff JV Soccer Field Penn Boys Rugby
5:30 pm
Lifetime Fitness Center Open-Evening Hours-NO STUDENTS ALLOWED Lifetime Fitness Center Lifetime Fitness Patrons
6:00 pm
G LAX Practice-Annie Eutsey TCU Freed Field Penn Girls Lacrosse
Marching Percussion Spring Training Room 169 Orchestra Room
Room 171 Band Room
Penn Jazz
6:30 pm
Lifetime Fitness Center Open-Evening Hours Lifetime Fitness Center Lifetime Fitness Patrons
7:00 pm
OPEN SWIM-Community Education Pool
Pool Locker Rooms
PHM Community Education
7:30 pm
Dance Classic Performance CPA
CPA Dressing Rooms
CPA Lobby
CPA Lobby Restrooms
Dance Room Down
Orchestra Room #169
Studio Theater
Penn Dance Classes
8:00 pm
B LAX Practice-Myra Sweeney TCU Freed Field Penn Boys LaCrosse
8:30 pm
11:30 pm